Wednesday, 26 September 2012

And the winners are...

I Eat your soup!

by Hugo G., 12 years old, from Lafrancaise, France
“I love the simplicity and colours of this photo. Well done for the title! All children have heard this sentence at least once.”
“The photo is really nice, all the objects and they way they have been organized in the scenery. I liked the way that Hugo who is French wrote the word in Polish!”
“This photo is very well composed: colours, idea… It is very sharp and well arranged. I like the idea…”

1. Green love

by Stefania G., 10 years old, from Galati, Romania
“The word is a well-known word all over the world and a really important word in our lives. Stefania found this word written with plants and flowers. If I were her, I could also give the name:

2. Brotherly love

by Anja K., 11 years old, from Cakovec, Croatia
“Nothing more serious and beautiful than a sibling’s love expressed in drawings!”


by Mihai G., 11 years old, from Galati, Romania
“Astonishing picture presented by Mihai that reflects all the light and the glacial cutting cold of ice…”
“This photo has a very high quality – it is really astonishing.”

1. Police

by Ena J., 12 years old, from Savska Ves, Croatia
“Ena has an ethnographic eye in the sense she pictured some cultural scene different from her own country, not only in terms of language but also, I believe, in terms of behaviour.”

2. Queen for an hour!

by Serena I., 12 years old, from Campobasso, Italy
“Every lady can be a queen this way from time to time!”

1. A Spanish corner

by Simona P., 12 years old, from Campobasso, Italy
“Beautiful composition. Has a retro feel about it and conjures images of Spanish bars & caf├ęs...”

2. Stop

by Evdoxia P., 12 years old, from Rhodes, Greece
“Must be one of the most international signs. Photo is simple but, at the same time, has an almost surrealistic feel about it. It’s almost as though the sign was floating, and with the light above it, doesn’t look unlike a UFO!”

3. Love is talking to all

by Antigoni K., 12 years old, from Zefyri, Greece
“In my opinion this photo is the one that best illustrates the European Day of Languages because different languages are used and love is universal.”

This is the photo that received the most votes from the students!!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012


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